chennai, tamil Nadu, india

Beulah Ministries is an Evangelical ministry based in Chennai, India, currently led by Pastor Ezra Gnanaraj. 


Beulah Ministries focuses largely on sharing the Gospel of Jesus in both word and deed.


The word ministries include church planting, gospel meetings, children's ministry and pastoral training. There are currently 80 pastors under Beulah Ministries.

The deed ministries include the following:

  • Care for orphans: 60 orphans have been provided with foster families to which Beulah Ministries supplies financial support for food, clothing, education and health care costs. 

  • Widow's ministry: 20 widows are provided with regular food and clothing.

  • Skill training program: Annually, around 25 women partake in the tailoring and embroidery course to help provide skills to find a job or start a business.

  • Medical camps: 3-4 times a year, qualified doctors run a medical camp to help the poor get much needed medical attention.

  • Education: Around 45 children from the slum  areas are financially assisted to attend school.

  • Slum outreach ministry: Regular food and clothing are provided for many slum residents.



Beulah Ministries is financially supported by the generosity of individuals and churches via a fund administrated by His Harvest. Thank you for partnering with us today to serve the needy and to give hope and a future. What may be a small donation on our part will change a life for eternity.